On May 15, a demonstration organized by Real Democracy NOW! paved the way for what has been called «15M Movement» or the «Spanish revolution», an unprecedented collective awakening in Spain. From that day, hundreds of citizens gathered around the central square of Puerta del Sol in Madrid. Others, like us (Pablo Soto, Stéphane M. Grueso y Patricia Horrillo), began reporting on what was happening on the streets through social media and blogs.

We had a common goal: we wanted to do our bit for this social movement. That's why we decided to carry out a non-profit collaborative project with a copyleft license (Creative Commons BY / SA 3.0 ES). On May 15 2012, we will publish a book and a documentary and we will make both available to download in an interactive website, along with additional materials. From that day on, we will promote and distribute these works globally, translated into different languages, and we will participate in forums to raise awareness or shed some light on the 15M movement.

The project itself will be an experiment on the collective creation, and we will try to implement some principles of free culture within this process. As a creative approach, we will also try to adapt techniques used in the free software development processes and the whole experience will be accurately documented. To make this project possible, we need the cooperation of the community. We will set up two-way communication channels to get feedback and to keep the creation of these works rolling.

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Pablo Soto (@PabloMP2P) is an entrepreneur and a developer. Considered one of the so-called «fathers of P2P», such as Justin Frankel (Gnutella) and Shawn Fanning (Napster), Soto is a usual panelist at national and international forums and visiting professor at several universities.

Stéphane M. Grueso (@fanetin) is a filmmaker. Always interested in film and television, Grueso has developed his career in Spain and Germany. His latest film is «¡Copiad, malditos!», a documentary on intellectual property, copyleft and free culture.

Patricia Horrillo (@PatriHorrillo) is a journalist. Passionate about communication and social networks, Horrillo has a multidisciplinary background with experience in marketing, design and local journalism. As a freelance journalist, she is working with different online media outlets.


NOTAThe 15M.cc project and its authors are not related in any way to Creative Commons or Creative Commons España, other than the use made of their licences.